About Hedeen Hughes & Wetering

Hedeen Hughes & Wetering has a long history of caring and dedicated representation. It is a legacy that began with our founding attorney, Mr. Arnold W. Brecht, in 1923. It has been carried on through our former team members and in our current leadership, as well as our team of dedicated support professionals.

No matter who you speak with at Hedeen Hughes & Wetering, you can be sure they have the experience to answer your questions and move your case forward in your best interests. Meet our team by following the links below.

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

We love the work we do. It allows us to be creative. It allows us to solve important problems. Above all, it allows us to help people.

When you retain our legal services, you will get the benefits of:

  • A strong voice that advocates for you: Many of our clients need someone to stand up for them when they struggle to do so themselves. You have rights. We can protect them.
  • A professional team that works together for and with every client: We give our clients the personal attention they would find at a solo practitioner's office, but we often collaborate within our firm to arrive at the best conclusion. Teamwork is a key component of how we handle a case.
  • A resourceful law firm that knows the local and regional legal community well: Over the years, we have developed strong professional familiarity with our peers and key players in the legal community. We work well with important agencies and offices because we are level-headed and fair in our approach.
  • A straight answer about what is possible and what can be done to help you: We will not sugarcoat the reality of your case, nor will we try to make things a battle when they do not have to be. We will work toward the most efficient, cost-effective and favorable solution while being honest about what it takes to achieve it.
  • A steadfast response when the law has jeopardized your future: We respond quickly to our clients when they need us and do our best to resolve a case as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the outcome.

We handle a wide range of cases, including family law and divorce, business law and real estate, estate planning, probate and personal injury matters. From our office in Worthington, our lawyers practice in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota and make ourselves easily accessible to clients throughout the region. Send us an email or call us at 507-295-0115 to arrange a consultation.